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Course Fee: 650usd For Advance Class


1.  All forex basic and Scalping Trading, Long Trade and News Trade  everything we will teach you. 

2. 15 hours Forex Course everyday 1 hour so it will be 15 days if you miss any class you can take it later.

3. We will take class personally  with one student by Team Viewers and Whats-App.

4.  We will teach you everything about Forex step by step.

​5.  You can ask our teacher any kind of question relating Forex.

​6.  After taking this course you will be an expert  trader  and you won`t lose again in this Forex Market.

7.  In this course we will give you some Forex strategies and you have to practice with us it will change your trading Life.

8.  We will teach you How to make a good strategies and  also all the necessary things like Technical analysis, Fundamental analysis .​

9.  If you follow our Instruction you will be a good and  profitable trader. 

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