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We have the Best Forex robot for Mt4 and Mt5, Copy trade software, Forex VPS, Custom Indicator, a YouTube channel named Asirfx 3sixty, to Enhance your trading knowledge and skills, and many free and paid services.

Welcome to FX SCHOOL, your one-stop solution for all your Forex trading needs. Established in 2017 by the renowned Forex trading expert Asirfx, we bring over a decade of expertise to the ever-evolving world of Forex trading. At FX SCHOOL, we are dedicated to equipping traders with cutting-edge tools, comprehensive educational resources, and unparalleled support to excel in the Forex market. Our Micro Trading Forex Robot stands out as the world’s best Forex robot.

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Our Offerings:

Forex Robots: Our flagship product, the Micro Trading Forex Robot, stands out as the world’s best Forex trading robot. Designed for both novice and experienced traders, it automates trading processes to maximize your trading efficiency and profitability.

Copy Trade Software: Simplify your trading experience with our advanced Copy trade software, allowing you to mirror the trades of successful traders in real-time. It works with the Mt4 and Mt5 platforms.

Forex VPS: Ensure uninterrupted trading with our reliable Forex VPS services, providing you with a stable and secure trading environment.

Free Services: We have many Free services Tailor your trading strategy with our custom indicators, designed to provide you with unique insights and improve your trading decisions. We offer a variety of services to cater to traders at all levels, from free resources to premium tools and personalized support.

Educational Resources: Stay informed and ahead of the curve with our extensive collection of Forex-related posts and YouTube channel. Whether you’re looking for market analysis, trading strategies, or industry news, our blog has you covered.

Why Learn with ASIR FX

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Expert Instructor: Learn from an experienced professional trader with a proven track record in both automated and manual trading.

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Interactive Live Classes: Engage in live sessions through Skype/Zoom, allowing for real-time Q&A and personalized guidance.

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Proven Strategies: Benefit from the best trading strategies developed over the last 10 years, tailored for various market conditions.

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Ongoing Support: Get continuous support even after the course completion, ensuring your growth and success in the trading world.

Why Micro Trading is the best forex robot?

Micro Trading Forex Robot is an automatic trading software designed for Forex traders who want to increase their profits while minimizing the time and effort required to manage their trades. This software uses advanced algorithms to analyze the Forex market and execute trades on behalf of the user. With the Micro Trading Forex Robot, traders can expect to see a monthly estimated profit of 20% on their deposit.

Can I take free demo test your best forex robot?

Yes, You can. Micro Trading Forex Robot offers a 15-day free demo test, allowing users to try the software before they buy it. Micro Trading Forex Robot is a powerful and reliable tool for Forex traders looking to increase their profits and streamline their trading process.

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