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Last 3 years we are using this robot in real account so it`s have 3 year trade history without losing.  It can make 25% profit in a month upon your deposit. It can make profit everyday. You can use this in any broker. It works automatically. You do not need to run    your computer full day. You can see EA trade result by phone. Last 3 years we are using this robot in real Account so it`s have 3 year trade history

     without losing.

​It`s follow proper money management and its do not trade at big Forex news time.

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Simple Forex Strategies to Make You a Better Trader, Guaranteed.  

We will teach you everything about Forex step by step. You can ask our teacher any kind of question relating Forex. After taking this course you will be an expert  trader  and you won`t lose again in this Forex Market. In this course we will give you some Forex strategies and you have to practice with us it will change your trading Life.

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Asir Intasir Shaiket

I Love Forex because it's give me Freedom of work. 

 When I start Forex in 2011 it was very difficult for me to learn Forex. But I tried and tried to learn everything. 1 year i practice in Demo than in 2012 i was open real account. In this 6 year I learn many thing but one this help me very much it`s money management. So I think this is the golden rules of Forex. In trading you will get similarities to all the successful trader of the world, They Follow proper money management. I get my full freedom by this Forex trading so I love my work more than everything.  

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We also provide free education for Forex. You can watch our all video and also you can read our Forex Blog. There you can learn many thing for Free.


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If you face any problem relating to Forex You can ask us. We will try to solve your problem. 

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Our Main Mission and Vision is to help the Forex trader. We know many trader lose there money in Forex because they do not have enough knowledge about Forex. We always give good advice relating Forex & we believe If trader follow our advise they wont lose money in Forex. 


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